Vulkollan® products

What is Vulkollan®?

Vulkollan® is one of the oldest and best-known polyurethane elastomers on the market, and the best as far as its properties are concerned. Both its mechanical and dynamic properties are exceptionally good. Traditional Vulkollan® is manufactured using polyester polyols, 1.5-napthalene di-isocyanate, and special chain extenders. The raw materials are manufactured in strictly controlled conditions, which ensures that the quality of the products is even.

The most important characteristics of Vulkollan®

Vulkollan® elastomers provide exceptional characteristics, which enable to use them in a wide scope of application:

  • Exceptional resistance to mechanical wear
  • High elasticity also in hard hardness
  • Great tear resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Endures mineral oils, fats, petroleum fuels, and a wide amount of different solvents well
  • Good resistance to ozone, UV and radiation

Typical applications:

Due to its exceptional properties, Vulkollan® products are recommended for many industrial applications.

  • Wheels, castor wheels and rollers
  • Dampers, shock absorbers, vibration dampers
  • Coatings reducing wear and noise
  • Transmission fittings
  • Seals
  • Wipers for various applications

Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Covestro Deutschland AG.