For the coating material for heavily loaded rollers, certain types of polyurethane are the perfect choice.

The following characteristics in particular strengthen the position of polyurethane:

  • low internal friction (low hysteresis) reduces heating of the coating material, thus improving its load-bearing capacity
  • small compressibility enables to have greater measuring accuracy
  • great wear resistance lengthens replacement intervals
  • high resistance to tear propagation extends the life span of the coating material even when it is damaged or cut, as the tear will not get larger easily
  • exceptional adhesiveness to metal surfaces, securing the stability of the coating material even in tough operating conditions
  • better load-bearing capacity compared to several other elastic coating material alternatives, enabling smaller wheel and roller sizes

All in all, polyurethane has supreme dynamic characteristics, compared to rubber, for example. When the load-bearing capacity and/or wear resistance of rubber is not enough, it is worth looking into the possibilities provided by polyurethane.

In addition to the traditional Vulkollan, we are now also offering a type better able to withstand high humidity and heat. Ask for more information from our technical consultants.

We have a modern casting machine at our disposal, for coating rollers. With this equipment, we are able to coat the rollers directly onto the surface of the roller rotating on the lathes. By changing the recipe, we can easily achieve various hardnesses, ranging between 60 – 95 Shore A.

We can also deliver the steel parts – this enables you to get the entire wheel or roller set-up with one delivery.

The length of the longest roller we coated was 6 metres.